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Woocommerce Premium Extensions April 2015
29-04-2015, 07:31 PM
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Woocommerce Premium Extensions April 2015
[Image: sP4naIE.png]
Sales Page
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– Woocommerce 2Checkout Gateway v1.3.9
– Woocommerce 360 Image v1.0.1
– Woocommerce Account Funds v2.0.3
– Woocommerce Additional Variation Images v1.6.0
– Woocommerce Address Validation v1.5.2
– Woocommerce Admin Custom Order Fields v1.3.2
– Woocommerce Advanced Notifications v1.1.11
– Woocommerce Advanced Product Labels v1.0.1
– Woocommerce Affiliates Pro v2.7.1
– Woocommerce Affiliates Pro for – Woocommerce Extension v1.4.1
– Woocommerce Ajax Layered Navigation v1.3.9
– Woocommerce Affiliates Pro for – Woocommerce Extension v1.4.1
– Woocommerce Amazon FPS Payment Gateway v2.2.0
– Woocommerce Anti Fraud v1.0.1
– Woocommerce Api Manager v1.3.9.3
– Woocommerce Australia Post Shipping v2.3.4
– Woocommerce AIM Gateway v3.3.2
– Woocommerce Authorize Net CIM Gateway v1.4.1
– Woocommerce Aweber Newsletter Subscription v1.0.9
– Woocommerce Bookings v1.7.5
– Woocommerce Branding v1.0.14
– Woocommerce Bulk Variations Forms Plugin v1.3.2
– Woocommerce Canada Post Shipping v2.3.6
– Woocommerce Cart Notices v1.3.2
– Woocommerce Cart Reports v1.1.8
– Woocommerce Catalog Visibility Options v2.5.10
– Woocommerce Chained Products v2.2.3
– Woocommerce Checkout Add-Ons v1.4.2
– Woocommerce Checkout Fields Editor v1.4.1
– Woocommerce Compare Products Pro v2.2.1
– Woocommerce Composite Products v3.0.6
– Woocommerce Conditional Content v1.1.5
– Woocommerce Cost of Goods v1.7.3
– Woocommerce Coupon Campaigns v1.0.1
– Woocommerce Currency Converter Widget v1.3.2
– Woocommerce Customer History v1.1.1
– Woocommerce Customer Relationship Manager Plugin, v2.6.3
– Woocommerce Customer/Order XML Export Suite v1.4.2
– Woocommerce Distance Rate Shipping v1.0.2
– Woocommerce Drip Integration v1.1.3
– Woocommerce Dwolla Payment Gateway v1.3.1
– Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing v2.9.9
– Woocommerce EU VAT Number v2.1.6
– Woocommerce Email Attachments v3.0.1
– Woocommerce Events Calendar Pro for WordPress v3.9.3
– Woocommerce Facebook Tab v1.1.7
– Woocommerce Fedex Shipping API v3.3.1
– Woocommerce Follow Up Emails v4.1.7
– Woocommerce Force Sells v1.1.7
– Woocommerce Free Gift Coupons v1.0.4
– Woocommerce Give Products v1.0.4
– Woocommerce Google Product Feed v4.0.1
– Woocommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-ons v2.9.3
– Woocommerce Groups v1.7.3
– Woocommerce Instagram v1.0.6
– Woocommerce Intuit Payments/QBMS Gateway v1.6.2
– Woocommerce Measurement Price Calculator v3.6.1
– Woocommerce Min/Max Quantities v2.3.5
– Woocommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses v3.2.18
– Woocommerce Name Your Price v2.2.4
– Woocommerce Newsletter Subscription v2.2.5
– Woocommerce One Page Checkout v1.1.5
– Woocommerce Order Barcodes v1.2.0
– Woocommerce Order Status Control v1.3.0
– Woocommerce Order Status Manager v1.1.4
– Woocommerce Order/ Customer/Coupon CSV Import Suite v2.7.1
– Woocommerce Order/Customer CSV Exporter v3.9.1
– Woocommerce PDF Invoices v3.0.1
– Woocommerce PDF Product Vouchers v2.3.3
– Woocommerce PayMill Gateway v2.5
– Woocommerce PayPal Advanced Gateway v1.13
– Woocommerce PayPal Digital Goods v3.1.1
– Woocommerce Paypal Express Gateway v3.3.1
– Woocommerce Paypal Pro v4.3.2
– Woocommerce Payza Gateway v1.3.0
– Woocommerce Per Product Shipping v2.2.0
– Woocommerce Photography v1.0.3
– Woocommerce Points and Rewards v1.4.1
– Woocommerce Popup Splash v1.2.1
– Woocommerce Address Validation v1.5.2
– Woocommerce Pre-Orders v1.4.2
– Woocommerce Print Invoices and Packing List v2.5.0
– Woocommerce Product AddOns v2.7.3
– Woocommerce Product Brands v1.2.9
– Woocommerce Product Bundles v4.9.3
– Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite v1.9.19
– Woocommerce Product Documents v1.3.0
– Woocommerce Product Enquiry Form v1.1.8
– Woocommerce Product Finder v1.1.5
– Woocommerce Product Image Watermark v1.0.5
– Woocommerce Product Reviews Pro v1.0.6
– Woocommerce Product Search v1.3.0
– Woocommerce Product Vendors v1.1.11
– Woocommerce Products of the Day v1.1.2
– Woocommerce Purchase Order Gateway v1.1.1
– Woocommerce Quick View v1.1.3
– Woocommerce Recommendation Engine v2.1.2
– Woocommerce Redsys Gateway v1.9
– Woocommerce Role Based Payment / Shipping Methods v2.0.5
– Woocommerce Royal Mail v2.2.1
– Woocommerce SagePay Form Gateway v2.2.6
– Woocommerce Sales Report v1.0
– Woocommerce Sensei BadgeOS v1.0.2
– Woocommerce Sensei Certificates v1.0.9
– Woocommerce Sensei Drip Content v1.0.2
– Woocommerce Sensei LMS v1.7.7
– Woocommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro v1.7.0
– Woocommerce Shipment Tracking v1.3.5
– Woocommerce Shipping Local Pickup Method Plus v1.10.1
– Woocommerce Smart Coupons v2.8.6
– Woocommerce Social Login v1.4.1
– Woocommerce Software Add-On v1.4.3
– Woocommerce API v1.1.4
– Woocommerce Stock Management Plugin v1.9.3
– Woocommerce Store Credit v2.1.3
– Woocommerce Storefront Blog Customiser v1.0.1
– Woocommerce Storefront Checkout Customiser v1.0.4
– Woocommerce Storefront Designer v1.5.1
– Woocommerce Storefront Parallax Hero v1.1.4
– Woocommerce Storefront – Woocommerce Customiser v1.4.1
– Woocommerce Stripe Payment Gateway v2.4.2
– Woocommerce Subscription Downloads v1.1.0
– Woocommerce Subscriptions v1.5.24
– Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping v2.8.3
– Woocommerce Tabs Plugin v1.2.0
– Woocommerce Tickets Plugin v3.9.3
– Woocommerce Twilio SMS Notifications v1.4.0
– Woocommerce UPS Shipping v3.0.0
– Woocommerce URL Coupons v1.3.2
– Woocommerce US Export Compliance v1.0.4
– Woocommerce USPS Shipping v4.2.2
– Woocommerce Variation Swatches and Photos v1.6.6
– Woocommerce Waitlist v1.3.7
– Woocommerce Wishlist Member v2.4.1
– Woocommerce Wishlists v1.7.3
– Woocommerce WooSlider Products Slideshow v1.0.9
– Woocommerce WooSlider v2.2.0
– Woocommerce Xero Integration v1.6.6
– Woocommerce eWAY Payment Gateway v3.1.2

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 Thanks given by: Margo , rhetoricalvoodo , industriousnylo , absorbinggas6 , supremefolks83 , crediblelap7 , Newstuffdaily , Josh , eloshy , Sdgroove
29-04-2015, 08:36 PM
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Wow, what a great share, bro, thanks for that, I also pm'ed you, please reply.
Rep added
29-04-2015, 08:43 PM
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Indeed, very usefull, if you have their club subscription, don't shy, mate, bring all they have to here Wink
29-04-2015, 08:53 PM
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Agree with all abowe, appreciate, hope to get updates as well Wink
29-04-2015, 09:20 PM
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Thanks, gr8 share, mate, not installed yet, dumb question, they need some license? or nulled?
29-04-2015, 10:00 PM
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Thanks, installed, no license needed, and it seems they not nulled either, just from membership area, thanks to the OP, for such a great share
29-04-2015, 10:36 PM
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I doubt I will use them all, but 3 already installed, and work like a charm, repp added, more such shares to come
30-04-2015, 05:26 AM
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(29-04-2015 09:20 PM)absorbinggas6 Wrote:  Thanks, gr8 share, mate, not installed yet, dumb question, they need some license? or nulled?

No need a license, bro, it's from my membership area, I do have subscription, not sure I going to renew it, but if I do - you'll get an update Wink Me
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