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13-04-2015, 02:21 AM
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This one is a long term deal but very lucrative way to make some dollars:

I take a service industry in a city and I build out a landing page seo optimized and with a strong cta to call a number I control. I 7-pack the SEO by finding a mom/pop shop, person or a very small virtual office provider that will give me an address like their address Suite 1A or similar. Send the google post card and get the G+ verified. Post some videos and social links back to the page and get citations on as many sites as I have time to do. I also look at competition and see where they have back links and copy. Usually this alone gets me in C or above in the 7/3 pack. Then depending on the city I can get a number of calls which I sell as live exclusive calls at $15+ each (average around $25 each).

Hope you liked these. Probably everyone here has done a lot of these (I posted two other ways) but I have found these are the easiest ways I have made money on my own.
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