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BlackhatLand is a user based community, mainly focused on Internet Marketing in all of its aspects.

Having in mind that this is public forum, we encourage our users to be friendly, informative and useful to each other and to achieve this goal we need your understanding of the following forum rules:

Main Forum Rules:

1.Talk about whatever you want in the right forum categories, just DO NOT post any hacking/malware/virus/pr0n/weapons/cc dumps/stolen accounts/identity thief and related stuff.

2. Respect the others and do not waste your own time by posting Low Quality posting – it will not be tolerated:
2.1 Abusive language/not on topic/spam/bumping.
2.2 Posting fake or expired methods/tools
2.3 Leeching, trolling and Hatin` is not recommended.
2.4 Double posting - posting multiple times to a post without someone else’s reply in between your posts is not allowed. If you have something to add after you have replied to a post, you should use the edit function on your reply to add on any new information. Double posting will lead to a warning.
2.5 Posting private details – IP address, Name, Home Address, Social conversation, etc.
2.6 Using languages other than English is forbidden, as it will not be useful for the community.
2.7 Writing Style – members are encouraged to post in a way that is easily legible, mature and comprehensible. Posting topics that contain pointless or excessive use of different fonts, colours, sizes, punctuation and caps lock will entitle the poster to a warning.

3. You are welcome to share your knowledge here! Just keep in mind:
3.1 When sharing - put your download links between [hide] yourLinkHere [/hide] tags!
3.2 All links which are posted should be coded between [code] yourLinkHere [/code] tags!
3.3 Do not spread any infected files. All shares require virus scan by VirusTotal and link to it in the post. If
you post fake VT you gonna get banned without warning.
3.4 Do not post shares which can be downloaded only with premium account.
3.5 Do not post password protected files without the password. (default password for the forum is:
3.6 Do not post share threads, then asking the users to contact you for the link.
3.7 Do not post referral links outside the Referrals and Self promotion section.
3.8 Do not post selling threads outside the Market Place or you gonna get a warning at least.

4. Your Avatar should not contain porn, sex or abuse of any kind. Remember that the others look at your avatar first so make it individual and cool as you can.

5. One account per person. Multiple accounts are punished immediately. Do not share yours.

6. Marketplace Behaviour:

6.1 No selling of:
- w@rez/H4ck/pr0n/cc/stolen accounts and/or related stuff.

6.2 Marketing dress code:
- No asking for vouch/review copies on reply at the sales thread. If the OP is offering such, he should send them by private message.
- no threads hijacking/trashing.
- if you found a scammer please make a post in the Report Scammers section. Please remember you always have to be careful when dealing with people!

Moderators are trying to do their best but if you find posts that break the rules, make sure you have reported them via the "Report" button.

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